When I got out of Florida School for Boys at Marianna, and reported back to Judge Mathews, he told me to get in the service within 3 weeks or I would be sent to Raiford – and I believed him! My mother lied about my age so I could get in the Army, but I couldn’t pass any tests for any branch of service. The army sergeant felt sorry for my butt and let me get in. I was caught again after 5 weeks for lying about my age and sent back to Tampa for signatures from all the authorities involved. I finally went to boot camp on my birthday, which was only 3 weeks later. I went to jump school after boot camp and went straight to Germany for 3 yrs. I got an early out for being a shit bird and disrespecting officers. My discharge was honorably but I was not to enlist in any other government service or military for 3 yrs. probation. I contribute a lot of my actions from the abuse of my past

I stayed out about 6 months working in the D. C. area, then I went to the Marines and told them I wanted to go to the Nam. They were grateful to have me. I tore up my old army discharge dd 214 after I was swore in. The Marines showed me some respect even though I had to go to boot camp again. I was put in for honor grad and lost it for stabbing another marine with the guide on – only one week from graduation. I went to Vietnam with Lima 3/5 1st marines and gave those people a lot of hell I had been harboring for years. I loved the marines.

I owe my life to many and by the grace of God, he has stood by to this day. I was so badly shot up in 1966, I spent 13 months in the hospitals, the last one at Bethesda Md. I was shot several times on operation Colorado after surviving operation Hastings which was the largest battle I had ever been on, which lasted a week or so. I went back to full duty at Parris Island where I trained recruits on the firing range. I played football on the weapons battalion team. I left there and was assigned to the marine security battalion in D. C. I went to Honduras and in late 1969 got in a jeep wreak that broke several more bones including my left thigh just above the knee . I have a bar plate in that leg now. I was medically retired in 1971. What a great ride that was for me. I have learned to respect everyone until I am showed differently. Today I still am a marine and God is why! (See recent picture (below) of Mr. StClair in his Marine uniform).

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