My name is Nathaniel Dowling. I am 68 years old. I went FSB in Mariana November of 1958, and I was 15 years old, I stayed there untill April of 1959, and was transfered to Okeechoobee from April to October of 1959. I got out in 1959. The reason I went to FSB  is because I was with a man who robbed a man, and the juvenile court sent  me to FSB. The court wanted to send me to prison, but I was too young.  While at FSB, I worked on the maitenance crew. The job was consisted of  keeping the school property clean. While working on the clean up crew, I  witnessed children being flogged at a place called the White House, where they flogg you when you do something wrong. I have seen children taken out of my cottage and taken to the White House. When the children come back,  they have lots of blood on their underwear. I remember a child ran away       and he was in my cottage. He stayed away for 3 days untill the officers caught him. When they did he told me the officers kicked him, punched him in his mouth, hit him upside his head, and took him to the the White House, where they flogged him and gave him 60 licks. The child that ran       away have what you called a slab, meaning a piece of meat off his butt.  Right to this day, it is still there. How I know? Me and him talk everyday about how we were treated at FSB. Me myself, I was blessed. I only got       flogged 1 time. The man that ran the maitenance crew said that I was undressing the officer’s wife by looking at her. They called it reckless eyeballing, I got 50 licks for it. When i got out of FSB, I had no respect  for the law. The people at FSB made a mean pearson out of me. I went to prison 2 times involved with police officers, 1 of the charges was resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. I tell my grandchildren how it was at FSB and they say, “They were mean to you grandaddy”. and I  told my grand kids, ” Not olny me, all of the little children were there “. I hope that no other child has to go through what i went through.
Nate  Dowling
A White House Boy from Bradenton,Fl 

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  1. You remind me of my foster son. I am 64 now and he’s 45. He was sexually abused by his family and by his first foster family. I met him at a wonderful children’s village where I worked when I was 29 and he came to live with me after for three years. We’re still family but we live far apart. I know if he went to a place like you did He would have ended up in terrible trouble. I’m so sorry for what he had to go through. I’m happy for you that you have l grandchildren to love you now. We all made love to heal as best as we can from our pasts.

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